It’s All In The Numbers



Number 1: St. Kitts and Nevis is a progressive country. The Federation is number 1 in exports to the US in the     Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). It has the highest minimum wage as well as claiming number 1 in foreign direct investment in the OECS. The Federation is at it again as it now cops the title as 1st CARICOM country to host the Model OAS General Assembly (MOAS) for Universities of the Hemisphere..


The 3s Have It:  St. Kitts and Nevis’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Mark Brantley, welcomed delegates to the start of the 33rd MOAS on the 24th day of the 3rd month of the year. The opening came exactly 33 days after the     Federation’s third Prime    Minister began duties at Government Headquarters leading a coalition of 3 political     parties.


Number 33: There are 10 universities from 9 countries participating in the 33rd MOAS. Seven of the universities are participating for the first time. 10+9+7=?

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