Committee Three Debates on Draft Resolution


The session opened with the presentation of the first resolution which revolved around the idea of improving the education of disaster preparedness and response. This resolution wished to adapt a system similar to that of The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), through the implementation of “School in a Box,” enhancing curriculum to improve awareness and to provide effective financial management. During this debate, the resolution received many criticisms and amendments as a result of vagueness and ambiguity that existed within these proposals. In response, members of the working group, clarified misconception for puzzled delegates. However, after much debate, the resolution received two (2) votes in opposition and thirteen (13) votes in support. Hence, the resolution was passed.

The second resolution appeared to be well researched as the clauses included no ambiguity. As a result, the resolution had an overwhelming majority of support with no votes in opposition. On the other hand, resolution three which revolved around the topic of “Gender perspective,” raised issues in support of gender inequality versus the community on a whole. During the discussion, delegates in this particular working group provided other delegates with convincing evidence that allowed for the resolution to be passed with no votes in opposition. The final resolution that was based on enforcing legislation for strict adherence to building codes followed the established trend of resolution two and three and ended with no votes in opposition. However, clarification was needed for point three of the resolve.

All proposals of committee three were passed.

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