Debates and Resolutions (committee 2)



The fifth session of the second committee began with the debate of the draft resolutions presented by the four working groups. The debates of the four working groups included: decriminalization of cannabis for personal use; to promote educational programs addressing the harmful effects of cannabis on students; initiative in the regard to the scientific research of cannabis for medical use and the inter-American coordination with the OAS on professional assistance through hemispheric NGO’s on strategies for decriminalization and prevention of underage usage. The debates were slightly complex and were filled with questions and comments for clarification purposes.

Delegates of Mexico were in support of the decriminalization of cannabis for personal use while the delegates of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis were strongly against it, stating that the OAS should not promote decriminalization because it would impose on existing policies and it is not acceptable. However, the delegate from Columbia insisted that the main objective is to support countries that are already considering the decriminalization of cannabis for personal use and not to impose on existing policies.

After a brief coffee break, the delegates presented on amendments for the different operative clauses. Votes were cast in order to pass a motion. After votes were cast, different delegates aired their concerns on the operative clauses on the controversial topic. Eventually, all four resolutions were passed and were then displayed electronically.

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