Delegates in the Third Committee continue Debating the draft resolutions in their working groups  


Working group sessions for the Third Committee began at     approximately 9:00 a.m. In these groups, delegates were engaged in discussions that provided the opportunity to deliberate the proposed perspectives in an effort to arrive at a resolution.

It was observed that the negotiation process for the four working groups presented a myriad of techniques to achieve their goals.   Delegate Hayma S. Singh, representing USA emphasized that “despite the different approaches amongst member states, the process involved great diligence as consensus building was a top priority.” This was reinforced by the fact that other working groups         incorporated similarities and differences in their approach to find a “common ground.” The delegates explained that the use of this structural format “encouraged the practice of democratic values in facilitating the negotiation process.”

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The majority of the perspectives discussed in these working      sessions were ideas previously discussed in the OAS. However, delegates saw the need for some of these perspectives to be revisited and improved upon for issues surrounding lack of finances and strategic and sustainable planning. In addition, the need for the introduction of proper awareness of disaster mitigation was recognized.


During the discussions of the different perspectives a number of hindering factors were highlighted. These included the difference in legislature and trading policies, the different level of development within member states, lack of community and national involvement, marginalization of the topic and lack of monetary funds. In an attempt to prevent these hindering factors, delegates justified the reasons why these resolutions would be successful. They were of the view that through the use of an inclusive and strategic approach to the    perspective and the employment of reliable and credible information to support, their resolutions would be successful.

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