First Time Participants reflected on experiences

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Shilohna Phillanders & Rondelle Keller, both from the University of the West Indies- St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago, were present at the MAOS for the very first time, representing the Republic of Colombia.

When asked how the experience had been so far, both remarked positively saying that it had been good and would aid in their International Relations studies. Ms. Phillander spoke on how the entire process was interesting as she was able to experience the various procedures firsthand. Mr. Keller called the experience “enlightening”, expounding on the point made by his colleague and partaking in the procedures, rather than reading or hearing about them in class. He also commented on the chance to visit St. Kitts.

When questioned about their participation in anything similar to MOAS 2015, they both recalled their experiences partaking in the Model United Nations (MUN). They paralleled the experience to that of the MOAS. However, they agreed that they were still different. Mr. Keller noted that MOAS was “more detailed and more specific in how you go about procedures”, commenting also that at the MOAS, he felt that he was an actual delegate for that country compared to MUN and took the opportunity to give thumbs up to the organizers.

The duo commented on their preparations for the model and stated that as a result of the initial postponement, and eventual cancellation of the event in 2014, their preparations took a “backburner” to their studies. After the model was reinstated, it then became a priority again. However, due to the fact that UWI has never participated in MOAS, there was no one to pull insight from.  As explained by Mr. Keller, they basically had to rely on each other and any information their lecturers knew about OAS. They agreed that this may not have been sufficient as they experienced a few “surprises” while participating but were able to adapt and remained confident.

The delegates stressed their interest in participating in upcoming MOAS. Mr. Keller seemed very excited at the chance to run for a position, though he said he would not do it this year as a novice, but would wait and build more experiences. Ms. Phillander on the other hand, expressed that she was in the last year of her Master’s degree and may not be able to fill the requirements, however, if she was given the opportunity, she would take it gladly.

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