Interview with the Second Committee Chair

An interview was conducted with the Second Committee Chair, Nicolás Alarcón, from  Universidad Católica San Pablo, in order to obtain the perspective from a non-voter concerning the topic under discussion, cannabis policies, and his experience as MOAS authority.

  1. How do you personally feel about the topic?


  1. I think it is a very complicated topic with different perspectives that can have political, social and economic consequences. In order to properly approach the topic, we must be innovative and creative without forgetting the past actions of the OAS.


  1. Do you have any concern that you will not be able to vote on?


Yes, the perspective on decriminalization. I would have liked to vote on that because it is a very sensitive topic and different countries have so many [different] views.


  1. Do you believe that there should be one type of rule or definition for what decriminalization is since it varies from country to country?


I do think we are moving forward to have a common consensus on the topic. However, the issue of having the same view on decriminalization would be difficult, since countries have different policies.

  1. Do you think this initiative of working groups is effective?


Of course it is effective. In fact I think it is more effective. The group work dynamic process was absent from the previous procedure of this Model OAS .I  think it is effective since we can hear ideas of different delegates and it is also realistic, since negotiation is involved, which is [an] integral part of OAS procedures.

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