The Electoral Process of Committee 2

Rondelle Keller

After the resolutions were approved, the information on the electoral process of the next chair and vice chair was presented by the current chair, Nicolás Alarcon. After everyone was made privy to the information, the session continued with the actual elections. Each delegate, with the exception of the chair and vice chair (because of the position they occupied) was given the right to vote. The delegates voted by writing the name of the representative’s country that was running for chair/vice chair and then placed it in the ballot box. The chair then called out the names of the countries.  The representative with the majority of the votes won. The votes for vice chair were cast first. The representatives of Peru and Jamaica were both tied with 6 votes. As a tie breaker, a selection was made on an established process which resulted in 5 additional votes being assigned to the representative of Peru and 11votes went to the representative of Jamaica, Denson Modeste, who is from Grenada. The majority of votes awarded him the vice chair position of the next MOAS for Universities of the Hemisphere outside of Washington DC. The votes for chair were cast afterwards. The representatives of Columbia and USA and the current vice chair ran for chair.Denson Modeste


After much debate, the current vice chair, Dennis McCall lost by a mere 4 votes to Rondell Keller who represented Columbia. After the results, the authorities terminated the session by expressing themselves through their motivational speeches.

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